Film Internships – Summer 2018

Cinema Bandit is devoted to supplying young and new filmmakers with resources, articles, and interviews to help artists develop themselves creatively and professionally. Below is a list of film internships throughout the United States in the cities of Washington D.C., Chicago, Atlanta, New York, and Los Angeles. Paid unless otherwise stated.


Washington D.C.


Film internships for Summer 2018, located in Washington D.C. and the surrounding areas.

ABC: NewsOne Internship

American Enterprise Institute: Video Production Internship

Center for American Progress: Video Internship

Clutch Your Closet: Videographer Intern/Editor (unpaid)

CNN: Special Events Internship

Lucky Dog Films: Creative Intern (unpaid)

PBS: General Audience Programming Internship

PBS: Media Production Internship

PBS: Digital Studios Internship

PBS: Film Festival Internship

PBS: PBS KIDS Digital Creative Internship

PBS: PBS KIDS for Parents Internship

PBS: PBS Foundation Internship

PBS: Station Services Internship

PBS: PBS Education Internship

NBCUniversal: NBC Sports Washington

WETA: Television Broadcasting Internship

Smithsonian: Film Production Intern (unpaid)

Social Slay: Production Assistant Intern



Atlanta Skyline and Highway at Sunset

Film internships for Summer 2018, located in Atlanta and the surrounding areas.

Blackination Inc.: Videographer Internship

Cartoon Network: Digital Video Editor Internship

CNN: Documentary Unit Internship

CNN: Special Projects Internship

TNT: Brand Creative Post Production Internship

TCM: FilmStruck Internship

TCM: FilmStruck Brand Creative Internship

TCM: Programming Internship

TCM: Production Internship

Turner: Program Acquisitions Internship

Tuner: Studios Sound Design Internship

SAP: Motion Media Design Internship

VMware: Video Production Internship




Film internships for Summer 2018, located in Chicago and the surrounding areas.

Banner Collective: Video Production Internship

Brightly Studios: Video Production Internship

Dark Catt Studios: Production Internship (unpaid)

Dark Catt Studios: 3D Animation Internship (unpaid)

International Children’s Media Center: Media Arts Education Associate Internship

Jack Morton: Creative Internship

Leo Burnett: Production Internship (where John Hughes worked before he “made it”)

Wilson Sporting Goods: Video Production Intern


New York City

new york

Film internships for Summer 2018, located in New York City, and the surrounding areas.

4A Health & Performance Sciences: Media Production Internship

12UP: Video Editing Internship

ABC: Good Morning America Production Internship

Adrienne Stern Casting: Casting Internship (unpaid)

A+E: Feature Films Internship

A+E: 45th & Dean Partnerships Internship

Black TV & Film Collective: Production Office Intern

CBS Interactive: Video Production Internship

CBS Interactive: Digital Video Production Internship: The Rachael Ray Show

CBS Interactive: Chowhound, Video Production Internship

CNN: Documentary Unit Internship

The College Board: Video Communications Internship

Color Station: Video Editing Internship

Command Performance Productions: Film Editor Internship

Digital Pavilion: Video Production/Editor Internship

Frederator: Channel Frederator Network Internship

Great Neck Park District: PR/Videographer Internship

HBO: Media Relations Documentary

HBO: Creative Services Internship

HBO: Documentary Internship

Hewes Pictures: Film Distribution Internship

Jack Morton: Video Internship

Michael J Fox Foundation: Video Production Intern

Moving Picture Institute: Film Internship

NBCUniversal: Filmed Entertainment Internship

NBCUniversal: Late Night with Seth Meyers Internship

NRG: Market Research Internship – Film & Video Games

NYFW FW18: Production Intern

Prosper Digital TV: Junior Editor Intern

RWS Entertainment Group: Social Media & Video Production Internship

TrueConnect Systems: Video Production Internships

Unnamed Agency: Literary Agency Film/TV Right Internship

Vox Media: Eater Video Internship

VRR Media Production Corp.: Video Production Internship


Los Angeles


Film internships for Summer 2018, located in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas.

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences: Film Archive Intern

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences: Web Archiving Internship

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences: Visual History Collections Internship

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences: Oral History Collections Internship

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences: Programming Internship

Activision: Film & TV Business Internship

The Aerospace Corporation: Video Producer Undergraduate Internship

Alexis Day Agency: On-Call Videographer and Editor Internship

Avenue Artists Management: Entertainment Office Internship

Cartoon Network: Original Series Development Intern

Cartoon Network: Recording Studio Internship

CBS: TV Research Internship 2018

ContagiousLA: Production Internship

Control Forever: Film Writing Internship

Crown Media Family Networks: Programming Internship

Cupcake Pictures,: Celebrity Internship

Destination Luxury: Video Editor Internship

Disney: Parks and Resort Content and Production Internship

Disney: Music & Soundtracks Internship

DDO Artists Agency: Youth Theatrical/Commercial/Print Internship

Foundation Media Partners: Production and Social Media Internship

HBO: Programming Internship

HBO: Media and Production Operations Internship

HBO: Production and Post Production Internship

HBO: HBO Films Internship

Heartley LLC: Post Production Audio Web Series Internship

Ideatree: Video Production Internship

K2 Publicity: Film Publicity Internship

Lionsgate Entertainment: Home Entertainment A/V Internship

Lionsgate Entertainment: Acquisitions and Co-Productions Internship

NBCUniversal: Telemundo Internship

Nickelodeon: Technology Internship

Roush Media: Post Production Internship (unpaid)

Showtime: Operations & Distribution Internship

Showtime: Office of the CEO Internship

Showtime: Content Acquisitions Internship

Social Impact Media Awards: Communications Intern (unpaid)

Social Impact Media Awards: Research Program Internship (unpaid)

Spectrum: Video Production Internship

Spin Move Records: Video/Photo Editor Internship (unpaid)

Sumerian Films: Digital Marketing Internship

Studio Entertainment: VFX/Post Production Internship

Telemundo: Internship (NBC)

Tiny Hero: Motion Graphics Internship

TriCoast Worldwide: Post Production Internship (unpaid)

Twentieth Century Fox: Fan Engagement Internship (Undergraduate only)

Valhalla Entertainment: Development Internship (The Walking Dead)

Vox Media: Vox Entertainment Development Intern

Warner Bros: Media Research Internship

Warner Bros: Warner Music Group, Atlantic Internships

Warner Bros: Reach Animation Internship

XYZ Films: Content Internship

Xerox: Video/Film Internship


Last updated 2/2/2018


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