Best Screenwriting (and Creative Writing) Channels on YouTube

Some of the best ways to learn about creative writing – especially for the screen – is to watch videos. Not just studying other movies, but listening to other filmmakers, writers, authors, and movie lover gibe their perspective on what makes a good (or bad) film or story. Check out the list below to visit the YouTube channels that can help you become a better filmmaker and/or writer:

Academy Originals


Bella Rose Pope

Blue Cat

Brandon Sanderson’s Creative Writing Lecture Series

Chris Fox

The Creative Penn

The Dialogue 

Derek Murphy

FAST Screenplay

Film Courage

Film Radar


The Hollywood Reporter

Jenna Moreci

John August

Just Write

Kim Chance

Lessons from the Screenplay

Lindsay Ellis

London Screenwriters’ Festival 



Now You See It

Nostalgia Critic

Overly Sarcastic Productions

Patrick Willems

Rachel Stephen


Script Lab

Script Magazine

Vivien Reis

Your Movie Sucks




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