The Only Character Profile Template You Will Ever Need

So one of my favorite writing tools – for both literature and screenwriting – is filling out a character profile. Over the last ten years, I have collected a myriad of character profiles for my own world building, and below, I have concentrated a character profile I use. It’s super helpful for me – I hope it helps you just as well.

I have recorded some notes for the character profile below and they are in red so you can find them and delete them when need be – because I know excessive words in a character profile can be annoying!


Character Profile



Name meaning:


Positive Character Traits:

Negative Character Traits:


Age and Hometown


Age in Story:

Born in:

Lived in:



Species: (if sci-fi/fantasy)

Heritage: (nationality, race, etc.)

Religion/Beliefs: (if any)

Socioeconomic Level:

Educational Background:







Past Relationships:




Appearance – General



Eye Color:

Hair Color:

Glasses or contact lenses?

Skin color:

Shape of Face:

Distinguishing features:

How does he/she dress?


Other Physical Attributes


Health (Physical or Mental):


Dialogue/Speech patterns:

Bio: (I usually write 3-5 sentences here. Imagine if this character had a whole book dedicated to himself/herself. What would his or her description be on the back? Take the time to write a logline about him or her.)


Yay or Nay Questions (Remember that your characters can be dynamic- if they don’t fall into one extreme, that’s okay. Don’t make your characters too binary!)

Happy or Sad?

Brave or Cowardly?

Humorous or Serious?

Introvert or Extrovert?

Polite or Rude?

Generous or Cheap?

Judgmental or Accepting?

Ambitious or Lazy?


Extra Questions


Favorite Music:

Favorite Movie:

Favorite Show:

Favorite Color:

Favorite Food:

Choice of car:

What does his house look like?

Items specific to this character:


Character Progression

What problem does your character have with his or her person? (As in, what do they need to learn in order to change, in order to have character development?)

Where does your character start in the beginning?

What does your character learn in the middle of your story?

How is your character different in the end?


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