The Absolute, Necessary Book for Screenwriting

You’re at the beginning of writing your screenplay – writing as fast as you can because you cannot contain your excitement with your characters. “This screenplay will take me to the Oscars,” you think. But as you get to your big montage scene, you pause your fingers on the keyboard and think-

“How do I write a montage and a screenplay?”

As you pause your writing and ponder, a million other questions pop into your mind?

“Do you write screen directions?”
“What font do I type in?”
“How long should this scene be?”
“How do I write a phone conversation?”

Just like you, I was faced with the same dilemma. Not only did this disrupt the flow of my writing, having to Google the question and look through a million answers on screenwriting forums, but it made me feel like I didn’t know what I was doing.

But then, this book – maybe even better than the Bible itself – appeared in a Barnes and Noble one day. It was almost fate.

hollywood standard

The Hollywood Standard, written by Christopher Riley, is by my side when I write a screenplay. If I need to get a quick answer for how to introduce a character correctly, I flip to the back of the book, look up what I need, and I’m back to writing in no time.

This guide is not muddled with flowery language where you have to spend a good minute trying to find what you need. The Hollywood Standard is an absolute necessity for formatting. It reads like a direction guide and not like a novel – which is what you need when in the mist of your creative process.

Here is the amazon link to buy it!

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